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We often have many requests from people asking for bulk buy/multiple purchase discounts. The simple answer to this is yes we do offer these. However, for simplicity reasons, we only offer it on one package (The Unlimited) and it is worth remembering that each website on this package will have the equivalent of unlimited web space and bandwidth for each domain name separately. The price scheme is shown below:


Number of Sites


2-10 £50
11-20 £75
21-30 £95
31-40 £110
41-50 £150
50+ £200

Because you cannot currently order this type of package (because it is not automated), taking advantage of this offer, using our order system; what we advise you to do is to register/transfer all your domain names as a new order and then please contact us directly and we will apply the web hosting facilities to all your domain names and raise an invoice for the appropriate amount on your account.