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As you would have realised by now, search engine optimisation does not always come cheap and to a certain extent you pay for what you get. To achieve high organic (non paid/advertised) rankings in Google and other major search engines, it takes numerous hours of hard work and most importantly by someone who knows what they are doing.

You can find details of all our generic Search Engine Optimisation campaigns that we can perform on your website.  We also have more bespoke packages that are available to suit to your needs and budget constraints – you should contact us for more information on these.  As with all of our packages, we include our price match guarantee on everything.

One Time Package

Major Search Engines (Re)Submission
• Title Tags Optimisation
• XML Sitemap Generation (Special Mark-up Language used by Search Engines)
• Submission to Google/Yahoo/Bing of XML Sitemap (indexes every page on your website)
• Statistical Analytics Tools Installation to Monitor Website Traffic Easily
• Analysis of fixes that need to be done within your website code

Price: £79 one off fee – click here to buy

Mid Package

• All of the Above (Updated Monthly)
Link Building Programs (One Way Links to your Website)
• Specific Keyword Targeting
• Security Fixes relating to the website
• Crawl Issues relating to the website
• Geographical Targeting (Aiming your Website towards an Audience in a Specific Country)

Price: £125 monthly fee – click here to buy

First Page

• All of the Above
• Deep On Page Optimisation of All Pages
• Specific Multiple Keyword Targeting
• Website Speed Optimisation
• Website Responsiveness Fixes

Price: £175 monthly fee – click here to buy

All of these packages have more to them than just what is listed above but we just detail the key points out.  We work with all of our customers to achieve the best possible results for their website and ranking for their website.  Although we do not guarantee first page of Google results, in most cases we are successful, but obviously if you are targeting a keyword such as ‘Microsoft Word’, you are less likely to be as successful as a keyword such as ‘Guest House in Swansea’!

If you opt to buy a package from this page, once your payment has been received, a member of our team will be in contact with you to ask for more details about your website and any other details that are required for us to work with you efficiently!