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There are thousands of search engines across the internet and you most probably haven’t ever heard of many of them – you have undoubtedly heard of the big 3 though, which are Google, Bing & Yahoo. You can manually submit your URL to these search engines from the links below:

Google – click here
Bing – click here
Yahoo – click here

We work to submit your website to as many search engines as possible in order to help give your website the largest public exposure possible. Obviously we target the larger search engines to a certain extent with our optimisation campaigns, because as the most frequently used, we want your website to feature at the top of these listings more especially, in order to sucessfully help you move your business in the right direction on the internet.

We make resubmissions to search engines of your website on a monthly basis to ensure that the listings are up to date. For a search engine such as Google, the spider (also known as the GoogleBot), which crawls through all of the websites on the internet to check for updates and to include new listings, has so many websites to get through, it can take up to six weeks for your website to be included in the result pages from searches. Once included in the rankings though, it is possible to instruct the GoogleBot to revisit your website quicker than this six week period – this is controlled by setting the update frequency of certain pages.

Within our search engine optimisation packages, we include continuous search engine submissions, as one method that we use to build up the higher ranking of your website.