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When you have built any website, the first thing you would normally want is for people to be able to see your website. The easiest way to do this is through search engines. The three biggest search engines are (arguably): Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You can submit your site to all the major search engines using the feature available in our control panel. However, it is sometimes more beneficial to your site’s ranking, within these search engines, to resubmit your site on a monthly basis, or to submit manually your site, because it often gets processed quicker than automated requests. Below is a link to each of the three search engines previously listed, so you can add manually your website to their sites:

Google – click here
Bing – click here
Yahoo – click here

Although you may have submitted your site to the search engines, it may take several weeks to show up in their search results. This is because of the way that the search engines crawl though all the websites to update its search results. There are tools available such as Google Webmaster to help you see how your website is performing in search engine terms. Also, another good recommended resource in order to assist your website is Google Analytics tracking software.

The next stage to the search engine optimisation process is available by clicking here.