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New Account Features (including Free SSL Offering)

For the observant amongst – you will notice our new offering which includes free SSL certificates on Linux hosting accounts. There’s also some not so secret bonus benefits:

Multiple domains to be hosted via one central hosting account (removing the limitation we previously had of one domain name per hosting account)
Truly Unlimited Email Account storage space

In radical steps that we’ve taken to stay with our customers demands and Google taking steps to penalise sites in SEO ranking terms that don’t have SSL certificates, we realise that charging £55 per year for an SSL certificate just is not what you need to keep your overheads down to a minimum. In order to achieve this free offering, the only way we could technically make it possible was by moving our back end systems to a new cPanel system on completely separate servers.

What does this mean to you?

Well nothing will change to any existing accounts without you wanting it to change to the newer system – that’s one thing for certain. If you want to take advantage of the new system – any new Linux hosting accounts will automatically be created on there. If you have an existing account with us and would like to upgrade to use the new services – there’s 2 options:

Option 1 – Self Upgrade – We can create you a new version of your hosting account in parallel so you can get files/databases/email accounts recreated in parallel and we can switch your nameservers over at the end to make it all livedns

Option 2 – Professional Transfer Service – we’ll transfer your full website and recreate any email accounts and manage the go live (we can’t transfer already received emails mind). There’s a one off cost of £25 associated to this (but that’s less than half the price of the annual SSL cost)!

Let us know if there’s any questions we can help with but we hope you can take advantage of saving money with this.

GDPR Compliance

As a reminder GDPR comes into force as part of EU legislation as of today.

Is my site compliant?
We are unable to confirm that your own site or business is compliant. We can give you as much information as we have about our systems and security, but you will need to make the decision for yourselves on your own compliance.

Search Engine Optimisation

Get great value search engine optimisation and search engine marketing through the SEO and SEM services which Ultimate Web Hosting offer. We have updated our search engine optimisation campaign pricing.  Currently our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry and we hope to remain that way!  Our monthly campaigns are very popular at the moment, given our proven page one ranking results that we are constantly delivering.  Contact us today to enquire about what we can do for you.