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The obvious answer here is yes, or else we would not be in business. However, the question lies, why do I need a website?

There are six main reasons why a firm, or anyone else for that matter should have a website:

– Email

– Brand Awareness

– Trade Online

– Improve Communications (in Line with Technology)

– Receive Information

– Improve Position over Competition and/or Rival Firms

1. Email

Emails play a crucial role in the business industry. Not only can you send promotional material out and newsletters for example about you or your firm, you can also save a lot of money on postage at the same time. So what is more you are saving time (packing envelopes etc), and money and making your communications more reliable (no email strikes), so how can you go without a website based on that.

Say for example, you receive an email from a potential customer, you can reply within minutes by email as opposed to days by post. The importance of keeping this close contact with a customer is crucial to success and could make the difference between a successful sale or a potential customer lost.

2. Brand Awareness

By submitting your site to search engines, consumers can find it easily and find out more about your firm, either domestically or globally. In this manner people will recognise your brand and be more aware of you. Other internet users may well discuss your firm in forums for example, all leading to a generally better rate of growth for the firm.

3. Trade Online

Trading online is one of the easiest ways to save on overhead costs. There is no capital required to invest in retail space for example, as your store is based online and if publicly known well enough can generate greater levels of profits. With Ultimate Web Hosting, you can easily integrate your website with e-commerce tools that we provide for you such as shopping baskets and accepting credit cards online. All of these help make your business successful quickly.

4. Improve Communications

Improved communications always help a firm find its feet. Keeping in line with technology is vital, especially if you are in the technology industry, showing yourselves to be at the forefront of it all, using all the latest materials and fully knowledgeable with it to help other users.

5. Receive Information

The easiest way to receive information is by email as mentioned before. Not only do you send out emails but you also receive them containing promotions from other companies for example, which all might help your firm to establish better business contacts.

6. Improve Position over Competition and/or Rival Firms

By having a web presence you and your firm will automatically gain superiority over your close rivals with a sudden new client/customer database emerging from somewhere that you almost never knew existed. Clearly it is a great way to get one over on your rivals or better still to make some more profits for the year.