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Here at Ultimate Web Hosting, we have a great affiliate scheme in operation offering up to 20% cashback! Here’s the best bit though, not only do you get your affiliate money once, every time the product originally bought is renewed, you keep on getting your percentage of the total selling value.

Let us show you your potential earnings. For every person who signs up to our Unlimited Package, paying on a monthly basis, you would earn an incredible £4.50 every single year that they keep using us as their web host! Remember that fee is for every single customer that you get signed up!

In order to sign up to our affiliate scheme, please click here. We will even give you £5.00 just for signing up!

Our affiliate scheme works based on tracking cookies. This means that if a user clicks on your unique link that we will issue you upon signup, it will be stored within their browser. If they then decide to purchase a service from us within the next 90 days, the cookie notifies our system, which will automatically credit your balance with us. When you have a balance of £10.00 as a minimum, you can withdraw the balance and we will send it to your PayPal account.


Below you can find the breakdown of what payment you would receive based on the type of product that the customer who clicked on your link purchases:


Percentage Return

Online Backup Software


Linux Hosting


Windows Hosting


SEO Packages


Printing Services



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