Why do you charge more for some domains and not others?

The reason for different charges for different domain names is because of the different registries involved. There is a different registry for most groups of domain name extensions. This means that they all charge a separate price and we pass these varied prices onto you.

Can I buy a domain name but not web hosting?

Yes. Please visit our domain name page, search for a domain name and you can add it to your basket. Simply, do not add hosting to your order. You can also do this from the right hand side of this page.

Can I transfer my domain name to you?

Yes. Please visit our domain name page for more details on which domain names that we can currently accept. If you don’t see it listed on that page, please feel free to contact us, as we can probably accept it, just not through our automated system. In all cases of automatic transfers, you will need to contact your old domain registrar (through their control panel or support ticket), and ask them to unlock your domain name and request an Auth Code/EPP. For UK based domain names, you should request a change of IPS Tags on the domain name. You should follow the instructions in this guide.

What happens if the domain name I want is unavailable?

Unless you already own the domain name that is unavailable, there is nothing we can do about it. You can try visiting the domain on the web, contacting the owner of the website and seeing if they are willing to sell it though.