Do I get an invoice?

Yes. Whenever you make a purchase from us, you will receive a PDF invoice from us, available from your client portal. You will also have your payment receipt from the independent company who processed your payment in most cases. If you do not receive this, you should contact us.

Do your fees ever change?

The fee that your pay when you sign up for a hosting package is the same fee that you will pay every time you need to renew your hosting product, for the life of your account with us. If you originally signed up with a voucher, it may be that the voucher only covers the first payment, and therefore, your standard renewal price will revert to the price before the voucher. The same applies to free domain names, packages which include a free domain name registration, or transfer only apply for the first registration or transfer of your domain name, so you may be charged extra for the renewal of your domain name.

Do you charge any set up fees like other companies?

No. Charging set up fees is like a hidden tax. This is used by other companies to make their prices seem cheaper. Of course, it is only when you get to the checkout you realise they have bundled on an extra £10 to ‘create’ your product. This is a method used to hide the real burden of expense that their product actually is. Ultimate Web Hosting does not have any hidden costs attached with any of their products.

How often do I pay you?

Web hosting is paid for on an annual basis. All domain names are paid for annually (with the exception of certain extensions which are biannually). If your domain name has been transferred into us, there may be a chance that it is due for renewal during your year’s hosting, and therefore you will be asked to renew that when it is due.

How do I pay you?

Once you have your items all in the shopping basket provided, you will be asked for payment. This is done via PayPal, 2Co Checkout (Credit Card), which involves using a credit or debit card online, via a secure third party payment processor. Alternatively you can use our bank transfer method. All of these details are processed, none of which are passed onto us, other than confirmation of your payment.